Meet the Staff of Prestige 1 Auto Sales

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Chris Rusch - Sales Manager

724-525-5107 - crusch84@hotmail.ocm

Hi, Thank you for visiting our website! I've been in the car business for ten plus years and look forward to retiring from the auto field. Here at Prestige #1 Auto Sales we strive to find the cleanest cars and trucks we can find! We purchase most of our inventory in the sunshine state Florida where cars are like new and don't see harsh weather as some northern states do. I look forward to hearing from you! Please give me a call with any questions!

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John Rusch - Sales

724-445-7458 -

Thank you for visiting our website! Prestige #1 Auto Sales is a family owned and operated business since 1977 established by John Rusch. Today it's ran by John and his son Chris. Prestige #1 Auto Sales specializes in 4x4 trucks, sport utilities, sports cars, and utility vehicles. For years John and Chris have been building a great local reputation as well as a world wide reputation! We strive to produce the cleanest best kept vehicles we can to better serve you! We are dedicated to providing a friendly car buying experience and a great place to do business! While emerging internet technology will change the way customers communicate and do business within the dealership, Prestige #1 Auto Sales's atmosphere will always remain. We look forward to doing business with you and providing you with any type of car you desire!

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Amanda Rusch - Saleswoman

724-602-3018 -

Amanda is a fresh addition to our friendly family ran sales staff and is very knowledgeable in the auto industry. If you'd like to set an appointment to meet with Amanda to demo any of our inventory please refer to her contact info!